MAD Shoes | The story of the brand, made in Romania

MAD Shoes | The story of the brand, made in Romania


We're all a little mad

About shoes, about being different or memorable.

Which is why we aim to work on multiple capsule collections in collaboration with local and international artists who manipulate glass, porcelain, iron, ceramics.

You were at some point crazy about a pair of earrings? Chances are they'll be landing on our heels.

Was there a glass brooch you noticed someone was wearing years ago? We'll probably be bringing it t̶o̶ on your feet.


Our satin heels are created in a factory in Bucharest and are handmade. Each accessory is produced by a talented Romanian artist. How exactly? Read on below.

Our story, made in Romania

There’s a story behind every product brand. While some are groundbreaking inventions and others are born out of a challenge, the one you’re about to read is about a woman’s passion for shoes, art, and entrepreneurship. 

From a young age, Georgiana developed a special attraction to shoes, and over the years, her passion has only grown stronger. While she sees beauty in a well-designed handbag or a tailored jumpsuit, it’s the elegance of a stylish high-heel pump that holds a unique place in her heart. 

When did it all start? 

In early childhood, because in many cases, it’s the parents who shape one’s interests and inclinations. They serve as the first influencers, introducing their kids to a myriad of activities, hobbies, and experiences that will later blossom into lifelong passions. 

Georgiana's love for high heels started with a strong memory from her childhood. She still vividly recalls her mom wearing Guban heels, a famous Romanian shoe brand. Back then, she wondered how women managed to walk in those high heels, imagining toes squeezed tightly into the pointy toe for a perfect fit.

As she grew up, Georgiana's passion for shoes matured. She started spending more time checking out online shoe brands, with YSL, Valentino, Manolo Blahnik being some of her favorites.

Even on tough days, she takes a break to escape into Shoe Land—a special place where everything feels fine, and problems disappear. While some people meditate or go for a run, Georgiana finds comfort in comparing shoe styles, textures, materials, and accessories.

Behind the glitz: the real stars of the MAD brand 

And yet, the story of the MAD shoe brand extends beyond the founder. It’s a story woven by the skilled people behind it - the Romanian craftsmen of the shoes and the national and international artists manipulating exquisite materials like glass, porcelain, silver, or titanium to craft the unique accessories placed one by one on every pair of shoes. 

In Romania, the real artists remain hidden and the majority cannot afford the costs that come with international recognition. That’s where MAD comes in - the shoe brand with a mission: to give talented artists a chance at being seen by the world. 

Diana Cojocaru for The Very MAD collection 

The collaboration with the talented Diana Cojocaru seemed impossible. No other shoe brand would have dared to take such a risk and place real porcelain, handmade earrings on satin shoes. 

Despite the challenges involved (potential for breakage and slipping off the shoe), The Very MAD collection was born. And it turned out exceptional as every accessory is glazed, followed by a burning period at 1250 degrees Celsius to give the final product a unique glow. The finish is a freehand design by Diana with pure 24k gold. 

Cezar Petryan for The MAD in Love collection

Georgiana met Cezar Petryan in her pursuit for an artisan who can manipulate glass. Her vision for a new MAD collection was to place statement glass hearts on the satin shoes. And so, the MAD in Love collection was born, featuring spectacular handmade glass hearts encased with gold foil leaf sheets. 

“Bringing creative concepts to life is not an easy task”, says the MAD founder, who has spent over a decade building creative concepts for organizations around the world as a digital marketing/employer brand professional.

In many ways, the launch of the MAD brand is a shoutout that it’s time to bring creative concepts to life in a new way - by blending a woman’s personal passion (for shoes) with the collective passion (for art) of others. 

The MAD founder genuinely believes in the power of the conscious fashion lover; the enthusiast who values art and talent over one-size-fits-all products. 

Why satin shoes?

“Satin flows; it moves like water. And I believe satin shoes have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ when combined with a 10-cm heel and the confident walk of a woman” says the MAD founder, who believes that, unlike other fabrics, satin has a unique elegance.

But as much as Georgiana loves the fabric, she admits that it comes with challenges. “It's all about putting in effort and making mistakes. This way you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.”

What’s the story of the MAD name? 

The name of the brand, MAD, was inspired by a quote from Alice in Wonderland, one of Georgiana’s favorite books - “We’re all mad here”.  Because in one way or another, all humans are mad. Some of the crazy stuff people have in their heads is crazy good stuff. Having the courage to put (at least some of) that out there makes one authentic. 

That’s the MAD brand -  a shoe brand made by a MAD woman with enough determination to keep pushing beyond limits, exploring the myriad possibilities out there. 

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