The MAD Shoes | On the red carpet at the Emmy International Awards, 75th edition!

The MAD Shoes | On the red carpet at the Emmy International Awards, 75th edition!

Jan 6, 2024 marks a surreal start of the year for the team at MAD Shoes. And I choose to believe that when hard work meets just the right amount of luck, the outcome is extraordinary. Our MAD in Love collection got a sweet taste of the red carpet at the 75th edition of the International Emmy Awards. 

How did it all come together? 

We were fortunate enough to meet amazing people along the way; people with a lot of empathy and a genuine interest to help, no strings attached, no hidden purpose. 

When your product is new in a competitive market, the chances of someone listening to your story are very slim. And yet, I was blessed with good friends and thoughtful strangers who were kind enough to help spread the word. Out of all the lessons learned so far, word-of-mouth was the strategy that helped the MAD Shoes brand reach its potential. 

The MAD Shoes at the Emmy International Awards!

One of the first thoughtful strangers who believed in the MAD concept was Alexandra Ungurean, who is a fashion & beauty entrepreneur and image consultant. I’ve been following her journey on Instagram for years. Because I really liked her unique approach, I wrote her a message. We clicked and the rest is history.  

It was Alexandra who recommended our MAD Shoes to fashion stylist, Madalina Dragoi, who styled Emmy nominee (and winner) for Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic), Bianca Boeroiu, for the Netflix series Wednesday. And just like that, on January 6th, the MAD in Love walked down the red carpet at the Emmy Awards! 

Closing thoughts 

The MAD brand launched at the worst possible time, an economic downturn. But despite the uncertainty lurking at every corner, it blossomed because good friends and thoughtful strangers believed in the authenticity of the story. 

We’re grateful for all your support. In one way or another, each and every one of you contributed to helping The MAD Shoes be seen. 

Sibi Stanciu 

Diana Cojocaru 

Cezar Petryan 

Polina Micliuc

Anastasia Barner 

Teodora Tompea 

Elena Gheorghita 

Ilie Ghiciuc 

Kristina Stroedter

Rebecca Schween


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